Students about the school

What the summer school offered was a real opportunity to explore a wide number of approaches to Translation studies, some of which were new to me. I went home feeling very inspired; ready to take on my final year with an new lease of life and energy. Excellent! (student 2016)

It opened new horizons and viewpoints regarding TS research. It raised questions about my future (as a researcher) I didn’t think about before. It allowed me to learn from some of the best people in TS. It helped me meet new people. (student 2016)

I think it’s been really helpful (more than I ever expected) in terms of my research. (student 2016)

I got many research ideas and ways to go about them. It helped me position myself in the current TS and perceive myself and my work more realistically. (student 2016)

This summer school covered a lot of difficulties a teacher is faced with and provided some interesting ideas. (student 2016)